How it all began…

It all began with the love of a plant. From secretly buying High Times, slowly taking in each and every page. From small-time legacy grows, to a full and elaborate warehouse grow, to owning multiple locations run by a family of employees, it was all, and always has been for the love of the plant.
Provide a loving and nurturing environment for the plant, and it will provide one for you.

High Quality.

Locally Printed.

We work with business owner and long-time friend, Dom, at the Arm Factory to bring to life our very active merch program. All our merch is printed by hand in Portland, Maine. The Arm Factory works to make sure many of the materials we use are made from recycled, organic cotton when available. All are printed on the highest quality material we have available. Ink choice is carefully considered in order to make sure the merch lasts. Connecting with friends, providing a quality experience, and being mindful of the Earth, are all core values to us here at Kind & Co.